Twenty-one islands with stunning beaches, stunning historic lighthouses, abundant wildlife, sandstone formations and sea caves are just a few of the many wonders of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Devils Island Red Sandstone Caves and Turquoise Waters

Nestled on 12 miles of Lake Superior shoreline near Bayfield, Wisconsin, the Apostle Islands offer some of the best sightseeing in the world. Here’s why they’re considered the “crown jewel” of the state:


See Wisconsin’s Crown Jewel with Incredible Cruises

Apostle Islands Cruises boat, the Archipelago, passes close by Devils Island.

Serving the public within the national lakeshore as an authorized park concessioner, Apostle Islands Cruises provides narrated sightseeing cruises, hiking and camping shuttles, and guided lighthouse tours out of Bayfield.

People on the top deck of an Apostle Islands Cruise taking photos of Devils Island, one of Wisconsin's Crown Jewels. The sandstone sea caves are visible and a lighthouse can be seen in the distance, peaking out from trees.

The most popular cruise is the Grand Tour which takes passengers on a narrated, informative 2 ½ to 3-hour scenic excursion to see the Raspberry Island and Devils Island Lighthouse, gorgeous sea caves, marine wildlife, and much more.

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An Amazing Trail System

An Apostle Island Trail is seen on the left, with wooden plank path winding through forest. A women is seen on the right, crouching on a cliff overlooking beautiful Lake Superior waters.

Exploring the archipelago on foot offers some of the most peaceful experiences and intimate vistas. Visit Stockton Island, where there are approximately 14 miles of scenic hiking trails. Hikers can explore lagoons, beaches, marshes, dunes, dense forests and brownstone quarries.

A baby deer is tucked up next to a log in Apostle Islands, Wisconsin's Crown Jewels.

Apostle Islands Cruises offers boat shuttles to day hikers so they get to first enjoy a leisurely spin on the lake before hitting the trails.

Spectacular Fall Colors

The Apostle Islands are a treat to explore at any time of the year, but autumn is particularly breathtaking. The rustic archipelago boasts of trees adorned with a brilliant display of reds, yellows, and oranges. If you’re keen on viewing the foliage from the water, you’re in luck as Apostle Islands Cruises operate until October.

Why You Need to Visit the Apostle Islands in Fall  

It’s An Animal Lover’s Dream

A bear swimming between the mainland and the islands. PC: National Park Service.

The Apostle Islands offer a secure and sheltered haven for a diverse range of flora and fauna, including various birds, mammals, plants, amphibians, and aquatic creatures. Although it’s not unheard of for whitetail deer and bears to make their way to the islands by swimming between the mainland and the islands, bald eagles are a common sight for those embarking on a Grand Tour.

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Magical Sea Caves

The Apostles’ legendary sea caves attract hordes of visitors every year. The reddish-brown sandstone cliffs have weathered due to the relentless forces of lake waves and erosion, resulting in the creation of a captivating array of arches, caves, and caverns.

The Sea Caves of the Apostle Islands  

Historical Lighthouses

Unbeknownst to many, the Apostle Islands has the largest concentration of lighthouses in North America. For over a century, these beacons have been a lifeline for sailors navigating treacherous waters. Discover the stories of the intrepid lighthouse keepers and their familiar braving the harsh winters of the islands onboard.

The Lighthouses of the Apostle Islands  

Bayfield – the Gateway City to the Apostles

The city of Bayfield's dock Bayfield City Dock.

Bayfield is a delightful place that has been recognized by USA Today as one of the best coastal small towns. It’s also known as the “Berry Capital of Wisconsin” due to its abundant berry farms and orchards that form the “Fruit Loop.”

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Camping Galore

One of the campground sites in the Apostle Islands. PC: National Park Service.

The Apostle Islands are also recognized for providing some of the best night sky viewing, far away from city lights. With camping available on 18 of Apostle’s 21 islands, one on the mainland, and several in the Bayfield area, spending a night under the stars at the national lakeshore is nothing short of a dream come true.

Why the Apostles are a Camping Lover’s Dream  

Winter Ice Caves

Skiing along the ice caves on the mainland. PC: National Park Service.

The mainland of the Apostle Islands are also a popular destination in the wintertime as beautiful ice caves form along the shoreline. While frozen lake water coats the base of the cliffs, massive pillars of ice hang from the cliff tops where waterfalls have hardened. It’s always recommended to check with the NPS regarding the ice conditions before walking over the frozen lake.

The Apostle Islands: Centuries of Stories

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A woman is taking a photo of Devils Island and its lighthouse from the top deck of an Apostle Islands Cruise.
For the best Apostle Islands photos, take a Grand Tour.

The Apostle Islands are Wisconsin’s “Crown Jewel”, and probably one of the most hidden gems in the United States! Besides the national lakeshore, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, events, and shopping options in the Bayfield area as well. Book your trip to the Apostle Islands today to take your own photographs and capture memories of a lifetime.