Visitors say taking an Apostle Isalnds Cruise is the best way to experience the unique beauty that awaits you on the Apostle Island National Lakeshore. Enjoy a variety of guided boat tours filled with rich history while experiencing amazing views accesible by water.

Did the Grand Tour at 10am. It was absolutely AMAZING! We had amazing weather. The captain gave a great tour and commentary. I learned so much about the islands and got to see Bald Eagles and great nature. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Amalia J

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We almost did not go on this tour. We were limited in time and focusing on area National Parks of Isle Royale and Voyageurs and then headed to Picture Rocks. However, I kept it as a possibility if we found the extra time to work it in. It became my favorite of all of the things we saw! It was gorgeous!! The tour guide was wonderful with great information and plenty of down time too. We loved this tour.

Lori K

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Loving this Grand Tour as I comment! This cruise won’t disappoint!

Lisa Schweiger

Our captain Randy was great! He knew a lot and was very entertaining. We were on the Grand tour of the islands and even though we thought we were not making it to devils islands due to the waves, he got us out there. I would def recommend this tour, my young kids loved it and it was a great time with my family from out of state. Thank you!

Tamsin M

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The Grand Tour is definitely worth it. We were fortunate to have calm fall day on Lake Superior the 2nd week of October. This pick of the Sea Caves on Devils Island by the Lighthouse.

Phil Morris


Michigan Island Lighthouse and Raspberry Island Lighthouse at your own pace on the hop on and off tours.

We had an amazing time on the Sea Saves and Lighthouses tour. Out guide was very personable and we felt that they did just the right amount of talking between sharing stories but also providing quite time to soak in the surroundings. If we are ever back in the area would love to take one of the tours that allows you to go onto the islands and tour a lighthouse.


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We were there in July and we loved it.

Kassandra Bowe


Lucked out and just caught the 1:15 tour on a bit of a spontaneous day. Had a great time. This is a wonderful way to see lots of the islands. They take you to all the highlights: the sea caves, the lighthouses, the fish camps. We also saw multiple bald eagles and even eaglets in a nest! It was a very calm day on Superior with the sun out so a joy to be out on a boat. Take a sweatshirt as the breeze can get very cool! There is also the option to be inside. The captian was very informative and we all learned something! Definitely don’t miss this if in Bayfield.


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Capt Gordy was our man. He made the trip interesting with loads of local history! We went on the 4:30 cruise that was approx 2:45 minutes! Scenery is gorgeous. We are from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and I would compare the Island tour to Grand Islands East Channel! We were able to view Minnesota, Wisconsion and the UP Michigan all at the same time. Super cool! Elliot was our deck hand and is a starving college kid so please be sure to top him well! ❤️ Highly recommend this trip to anyone! It is a once in a lifetime experience!


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Took the cruise in late June in near perfect weather so we were able to fully enjoy the sea caves and lighthouse cruise on the catamaran. The captain provided a lot of narration that was informative and fun. Lots of Dad-worthy jokes. The scenery was beautiful and it was nice to learn about the various islands as we passed by. Saw two lighthouses and the captain was good to turn the boat around so people on both sides could get good views and picture. The sea caves were fascinating to see.


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How to avoid mosquitos and ticks while enjoying Apostle Islands National Lakeshore? Take this cruise! The crew was friendly and the captain’s skill and narrative a perfect guide. We were up close and personal with beautiful scenery, nesting eagles and historic logging camps, lighthouses and buildings. The catamaran was sooth, with plenty of space to move around, stretching legs and avoiding chilly winds. The trip allowed plenty of time for photos and the captain often reversed so both sides had opportunities to see things closely. Don’t forget binoculars.


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I had such a wonderful cruise today! The weather was perfect, the boat was fast and thrilling… the water was spraying up and into the open window. I was laughing out of the sheer joy of it all. The crew were incredible, the captain narrated so knowledgeably and humorously. He would circle and approach the beautiful formations from both sides so the passengers had an equally great experience. It was truly the very best cruise I have ever had and I definitely would go again and highly recommend others to go!!


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It was raining the day we did this. The boat was full!! The crew was amazing and accommodating to my daughter and I. We got to see a bald eagles nest, some beautiful cave formations, tons of different bird species and the islands. Very cool!!! Highly recommend this!


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