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Water Taxi Service & 
Private Tours

Experience the magnificent Apostle Islands the way you would like to see them! Step back in time on a guided lighthouse tour, explore the sea caves, or experience camping on an island. The following prices are offered for a three hour private tour: 1-3 passengers $395 (+tax) 4-6 passengers: $545 (+tax). Additional time can be purchased at $75/hour.


1-3 People one way

4-6 People
one way

Basswood Island


Cat Island Sandspit


Devils Island


Ironwood Island Sandspit


Manitou Island Dock


Michigan Island Dock


Oak Island Dock


Otter Island Dock


Outer Island Sandspit


Raspberry Island


Rocky Island


Sand Island Dock


Stockton Island


York Island


Long Island


Campers must obtain camping permit from the National Park Service
All Departures, landings & routes are subject to change do to weather conditions

Water Taxi & Private Tour FAQs

Are dogs welcome on the boat?

Yes, the water taxi is the only boat we allow dogs on. Please consult the National Park Service website for restrictions when bringing a dog onto one of the Apostle Islands. We do not provide life jackets for dogs.

Can we bring food or drinks on board?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring anything you would like to eat or drink, including alcohol. We have a cooler on the boat.

What if it rains?

As with any boating trip, be prepared to get a little wet. We do have a bimini top on the boat to keep rain out. The Captain will make the determination to cancel a trip due to severe weather.

Can we bring a kayak or canoe?

Yes, depending on size, we can usually carry up to two single or two double kayaks. We can carry one canoe (without kayaks), however, we strongly recommend not bringing a canoe into the Apostle Islands. Weather can change very rapidly.

Do you rent kayaks?

No, we do not rent kayaks. However, there are several rental businesses nearby.


Archipelago & Superior Princess

1½ hour cruise $1600.00

Each additional ½ hour $500.00

Ashland Bayfield Express

1½ hour cruise $1350.00

Each additional ½ hour $375.00